Thanks to billboard advertising being such image-making and product advertisements, the message reaches a wide range of audience. Billboard-type advertising is very important to know that it must give all the information within 4 seconds.

The wide variety of print materials company 3M, which work (vinyl, PVC foils, paper, canvas), and ensure high quality of the printed file. Scotchprint company 3M is world famous and warrants durability of the printed image.


This is a very widespread way of advertising. The catalogues can be working and image. They give the most complete picture of what it offers the advertiser.

We strive for the development of each catalogue to use strategy to meet customer requirements.

Our customers have trusted our experience occurred to the idea of ​​developing the styling of scenery and photos, realizing itself photo-shoot and shaping the design of the catalogue. To each catalogue we use unique ART papers and new technologies for so-called gentrification of the press – Laminates (matte, glossy, satin), UV varnish, selective varnish, dies and others.


At the end of each calendar year, ramping up advertising campaign titled New Year. Each company makes its calendar, which in many cases has become one of all, and finally the walls leaving only the strongest and cheerful calendars – still stand a year.

To make your calendar unique we use only original photos.

Cultivation of the press, the use of selective varnishes, laminates and dies contribute to the unique look of your calendar and ensure that it will be used as intended, and your advertising budget will be acquitted.


Branding of cars is another unusual and attractive way of presenting creative, to be paid in a very short period of time.

The advantage of car advertising is that it moves and at any point in time it reaches a different audience. Affixed to the vehicle can be both partial and complete.

Each model of the motor car, truck or frugon has specific characteristics of the body or bodywork summarized in complex curves – those curves in turn determine the choice of foil. Recommended series car 3M – ScotchCal 40, 50 and SC 180, 380 depending on the security and durability of the application.

The team of photographic studio KONAS:

  1. filming vehicle
  2. take size
  3. developing design consistent with the curves of the car and customer requirements
  4. recommended print material
  5. printed vision
  6. then installed.

Depending on the material used and guarantees for neizmenost color is from 1 to 4 years